Ashley Option 2 (1)

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish / pre-Physical Therapy in 2007 from Pacific Union
College in Northern California. I graduated with my Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assistant in
2008 from Loma Linda University in Southern California. I am currently applying to nursing school for my RN, BSN where I would like to work in Orthopedics while continuing as a Physical Therapist Assistant, to
become a more rounded clinician.

In almost 14 years, I have been working with a diverse population in multiple settings, gaining
experience and insight from a plethora of PT colleagues and mentors. I have enjoyed linking the
different stages of rehabilitation and challenging myself on preparing the patient for each stage of the
healthcare continuum of care. My favorite population to work with has been my Orthopedic, post-op
patients. I like to tell my patients “my hands are my eyes”, being able to feel dysfunction and applying
manual techniques and utilizing therapeutic exercises to assist the patient towards a more functional
state. I believe educating throughout the rehabilitation process is very important, allowing patients to
become more committed and accountable due to the understanding of why each aspect of the
treatment is needed.

Outside the clinic, I enjoy reading, hiking, running, travelling / going on road trips, and studying different
languages. I recently moved to Northern Idaho from Virginia to be closer to my family and boyfriend.


Dr. King is the only surgeon in the region who has a subspecialty certification in sports medicine.